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Yea I love rumours, found it on vinyl and all.

People find it weird I like them though. :huh: Because I mostly listen to punk rock it's apparently weird to listen to the Rumours album. :huh:<_<

I have a casette somewhere too, but really need to pick up another one of their albums.

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I found rumours when I was looking trough my parents old reccord collection. It had cool cover so I decided to give it a try.glad I did, cause it's a superb album. so many great songs. It's very pop sounding but at the same time it has amazing depth.

found some live videos from the seventies on youtube and I have to say they sound alot diffrent than on reccord. And I mean that in a good way :)

Here is a clip of I'm so afraid from 76.

Also found a greatest hits for the the peter green era. haven't really gotten into that one yet, except for albatros which is a great track :)

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Guest Ohdistortedsmile1789

Stevie was just so sexy and exotic, Christine was too plain to even compare. Her songs were good, but who will you remember at the end of the day?

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Oh me!! I love them..Their music is exquisite,all of the members are genious Stevie Nicks is a Goddess her voice and her lyrics are amazing.. rock3 Her style has always been so unique and charming,i recently bought the double cd of the best of Fleetwood Mac and i can't stop listen to it,my favourite songs are: Little lies that song reminds me my chidhood,Gold dust woman,Dreams,The Chain,and my ultimate fave i cry evrytime i hear this song "SEVEN WONDERS" :heart: Their music is timeless.Brilliant band!! :D

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