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Short review


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Just decided to try to make a short review of the Stockholm show.

Me and my friend sat on the B-grandstand (B31) and the view was great.

The light tuned down and the intro music started to play. I had a mystical feeling inside me and whole atmosphere felt electric. Like u were in a middle of a thunderstorm and the lightnings were just about to blow.

The intro of WTTJ started. People who sat raised from their chairs and screemed. The whole Globe was shaking. I saw the audience down on the floor jumping rhythmic to the music and wished I was there with them. DAMN!

Axl came in and screamed: "Do you know were the fuck u are..." and started to sing: "welcome to the jungle, we got fun n games.."when I had to put my ass down on my seat for a few seconds. It felt so unreal that I almost passed out.. !

Back in business I enjoyed the music with passion!

I´ve always knew that Axl can sing, but his voice were MUCH better than I expected.

It´s so easy started. People screamed as much as the WTTJ-intro.

Mr. Brownstone followed, and the audience kept up the great atmosphere..

Time to jam. Actually, I don´t remember any of it :unsure:

Then it was time to live! Live And Let Die!

Great performance!

people were singing along the whole song(including me)

Now, this really pissed me off:

Better started, but the audience just stod still like they never heard that song bfore.

And the same with the rest of the new and "new" songs.

Those songs kicks ass and deserve a better response then they had.

Don´t know what it is, but I felt some insecurity in how to act when every new song started.

When Izzy started The Blues on piano I raised my hand and screamed "WHOOOO"!!!


I can almost swear the I was the only one. I heard my own fucking voice ecco btween the walls.

God, I felt stupid somehow..

I think many fans feel that insecurity I felt, and therefore no one dare to make a sound..U who´s going on upcoming concerts. Brake that barrier!!!

Don´t know how to describe the rest of the songs. It´s easyer to put it all under "highlights" ;)




Axl performed this song better than ever!! Never heard a bootleg or any other live version as great as this one!


GOD!!! GOD!!! GOD!!!

AXL almost sang exactly like the live era version. But better!!!! he sang with the higher notes on the "song intro" which was great. If I could chose a rec live version of ONE song from Stockholm, it would be this one..

Knocking on heavens door

Well, what could I say.

The audience were great.

Axl was great.

It was great.


I just love this song!

Bumble played some cool stuff that I´ve never heard before. It was some cind of a quite simple, but very melodic riff that fitted the song perfect!


This song is one the new songs I´ve liked least.

But hearing it live.. GOD!!

When Axls voice hit those higher notes it sent shivers up my spines!!


If u ask me, the whole concert was one big highlight. The whole band performed well!


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well here comes my review:

I was really anxious before they entered the stage. Was almost certain that they were gonna cancel.. Bu then the intro comes on with spotlights on the crowd. The tension rose and people started to make a lot of noise.

WTTJ was just a smash hit. Great performance and the crowd went totally bananas. countinued as usual with It so easy and Brownstone, had built a great momumentum by here. Then I think it was the first of too many jazzjams. They really should drop them 'cause they loose a lot of the energy and tempo in the shows.

Well, Live and Let Die kicked serious butt then. Better didn't really come forward very good except for the middle part who sounded amazing. Robin Solo here I think. Tried to be emotional but actually just plain booring. Then he started of Sweet Child and the crowd screemed and jumped like never before again.

More solos, Axl thanking Frank Ferrer (the stand in drummer) and a great KHOD . When Axl introduced the band Dizzy got by far the most response. And then Dizzy's turn to solo. He played ABBA:s S.O.S, the audience applauded that. Then Blues. Hey Shootingstar: I to screamed here! :)

But somewhere around here I got fed up with all the fuckin jams and lost momentum. Bumblefoots Don't Cry solo was totally great though. We also got November Rain, Out to get me somwhere around here. Not outstanding but nice.

Axl actually said that "During this tour we though we're gonna have som fun. So now it's time for Stockholm Jam 4. (and that is not counting the actual solos.)

However the original set ended great with Michelle, Maddy and and mind-blowing Nighttrain. Axl was in a very good mood the whole evening. Both Chineese Democrazy, and IRS as encore. Nice! Then Axl said something like "It's always Patience yeah. Patience in - Patience out. Well, now we're gonna do Patience".

And what Patience they did!!! The total highlight of the show! Wow!

and ofcourse, PC with confetti in the end.

This was my first GnR concert. It was as good as I had imagined. I was very happy. Axl sung A+. Fortus and Bumblefoot dominate Finck with their solos. I rate it 4/5 because the lack of energy and tempo in the middle.

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Great review, thought about writing one to but the ones I´ve read pretty much says it all about the show. It was truelly amazing. Greatest thing I´ve ever seen.

To bad that so few people knew about the new songs, I thought "Better", "Chinese Democracy" and "I.R.S" would get the crowd going, but most of the people just stood there.. Maybe a bad move to have both "CD" and "I.R.S" in the encore? It seemed like most of the people were really tired at that point and saved the rest of the energi for "Paradise City".

"CD" is a great way to start the encore by the way, maybe they should try to have that song as the opener when the album is released?

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