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John Frusciante


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I've always been a fan of John's work for the RHCP...He really comes up with some good licks.. Somehow though I have never got around to checking out his solo work...

Is anyone here a fan of it?

I think i'll start off with "shadows collide....." as that's the album I hear most people talk about when you mention his solo work.

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i love the "can't stop" riff. lovely. i wanna get into his solo stuff too. has anyone heard his cover of the bee gees how deep is your love? it was awesome.

Did he do that on a record or live?

He might have done it on a record (who knows), but I saw it live. On the Breaking the record: RHCP on Fuse.

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wait- i know you're not talking about the 'nana nana nana nana na na' at the beginning, but isn't the can't stop riff Flea??

Or does he play the same thing but lower??

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