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Where did GnR's unique sound go?


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Where did GnR's unique sound go?

Don't understand me wrongly - I like new GnR's songs.

And I'm happy because thay are on tour and their album will come out but these songs doesn't sound like GnR in which I fell in love before many years...

Maybe you'll say I care too much but I'm just wondering why Axl change the sound of his music so much? I know it's not the same 'cause GnR it's not the same but this change is huge man!

OffTopic: Axl looks cool! :P

Maybe only "The Blues" sonds a bit like GnR.

I'm still dreaming of reunion of Guns but it's only dreaming...

There was a time...


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If more bands did what Axl did, well then......

Burrying Appetite brought new music to the table, and it is an ever-lasting process. Guns n' Roses puts out new music, not slight copies of past tunes.

Even if there was a reunion, and they put out an album, theres a 100% it will be nothing like that "sound"

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