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New Song by my band

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Click there for my bands myspace then listen to the song "this is it". That band of mines been around for awhile and we kinda broke up.. but we started hanging out again and recorded this song. I like it, let me know what you think.

Plus if you'd like to add us on myspace please do.

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Killer start on Never forget you. The lead guitar has lovingly grungy rock feel to it, NICE. I have problem categorizing your style. Is that why it's called "Alternative / Rock / Progressive"? But as far as Emo/punk goes I am not really a fan, but when that's said, I think you guys have something going on here.

Rock On!

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Hehe thanks for the comments. It really is hard to catorgorize what we do.

We should be recording a new one soon, really ambient, just guitars and vocals no drums. We also have a sweet song we're working on I'm pumped about..

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Sorry dude. Thats not my thing. And considering this is a sight full of metal fans you probably won't get alot of possitve feedback.

Rock On rock3

Yeah it's cool, I understand that, just I like to share our music ya know? :)

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