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Videos from Zurich


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Here are some videos I recorded with my mobile phone.

This includes now:

-Bumblefoot right in front of me (bad audio, but youc an see him)

-Bumblefoot solo and beginning of Don't Cry (audio is quite good for a mobile phone record. You can hear the solo)

-Bumblefoot end of don't cry (also quite good audio)

-2nd part of November Rain (bad audio, but Robin Finck was in front of me and you can see Axl on the piano)

-Beginning of Patience (audio is okay)

-Robin Finck and Richard Fortus Beautiful solo (quality is like Bumblefoot solo)

-A part of some song (can't say which song, bad audio, but you can s ee the band)

-Again a song I can't say which it was, but again you can see the band

-The beginning of November rain (bad audio, but you can see Axl quite well on the piano

-Sweet Child O' Mine (Robin Finck solo and "Where Do We Go Now")


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