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Better Guitar Pro Tab

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no arpeggios? weak.

Apreggios are used A LOT in Flamenco music, but sounds nothing like shredding. Doesn't qualify music as weak, or whatever.

it makes the tab weak, not the music, sheesh. that song is ridiculously easy to play except for the shred.

challenges are fun, man. :)

have you ever heard of the 80/20 rule? it states that when you practice what you already know, or is relatively simple to learn- only 20% of the time you play you are actually getting better.

but if you practice shit you're not good enough to play, then 100% percent of the practice you put in makes you better. by conventional math, this logically means that you learn 500% faster than the guy who practices what he knows. and if you practice twice as often, it becomes 1000%.

oh well, i take this shit too seriously.

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