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Songs about/for love revisited


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You know, the kind for those on-again, off-again relationships etc. Can be pessimistic like "With or Without You" or carry an optimistic message like "This Year's Love." Not particualarly good examples, I know, but my mind's a bit blank right now - I haven't slept at all last night.

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D'yer Mak'er

Some of the best love songs are in Spanish

Definitely! Have listened to Jose Feliciano (yes, hes the 'feliz navidad' cat)? Anyway, he makes great songs about love. Not to mention he can play some mad acoustic :)

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There is, by Boxcar Racer. I <3 that song.

Do it for me now, by angels and airwaves also.

"I'm frightened at night, and the wind has a roar

It seeps through the hall, and from under the door

Like the shit that was said

I can't take it that well

I give and I give and I give and I give and I'm still

Lost and hurt and bone thin from the love that's been starved

I know I got close but I'm sure it's too far

From the point of suspense, we know it should be

The end of the part, of our favorite movie

When the guy grabs the girl and gives her his hand

Says take me away from this torturous land

Cause the grave is set up, the hole that I dug

I gave and I gave and I gave and I gave you my trust

Like the time that we kissed, and you gave me a lie

To act off this scene you pretended to cry

But I'm here and I'm cool, the way that it is

Just give me a chance and I'll try to forgive"

I love that song.. that's do it for me now..

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Guest Sweet_Emotion

There is, by Boxcar Racer. I <3 that song.

omg that song is so beautiful!

Oh I know..

I love every second of that song, I really connect with it a lot..

oh yeah!

the words are so haunting and dead easy to relate to because you can kind of tell he's speaking from experience! it's truly one song that makes me want to cry!

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