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What Axl is up to...?


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What on Earth is th is pretty girl doing making out with Axl Rose? EWWWW Click on the thumbnail below to see her face. She really isn’t half bad. I don’t want to be in the spotlight THAT badly. And what’s up with the suits? Is he going to court or something?

Source: My Webpage


Sorry if it's been posted...I just do what im told :unsure:

I personally think...good for Axl..

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she looks pretty hott from that side pic..

but, the one in that link..shows how much of an ugly bitch she really is.. :tongue2:

Yeah, I agree with you there :P

Seriously- she is pretty ugly. I'd think that most guys would be into prettier faces and Ok bods rather than into ugly faces and nice bodies.

Oh well, it's Axl. And who knows---she might have a nice personality.

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