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thinking out loud vol.I


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so i remember back in the day....i mean like 87-88. i was just getting into music then. appetite blew my mind yadayadayadayada.

anyhoo, i was just thinking about how all my older brother's friends either loved gn'r as their favorite, or hated them as if they were absolute shit. it was an intense venom/elixir on both sides.

i think this is true now with the line between new guns fans and old.

see, i'm one of those people: i think that if half of the fans out there think you suck, you're doing something right. no one worth their weight in shit is liked by everyone. as an artist you have to choose a side and stand for the people who like you.

think about every great band/writer/performer: there are/were just as many lovers as haters. bob dylan was intensely hated by a lot more people than who actually liked him, but the people who liked him loved his every word....

i'm just making a point that as an old gn'r fan, i have to admit that axl and co. must be doing something right. i have to admire him for taking this big of a chance with a new band, even i don't like it as much this time around.

maybe me and the old guns fans are just on the other side of the equation this time.....not the "right" or "wrong" side....just the "other" side....

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I don't get it when people think that you can't be a fan of both bands...

i don't think that at all.

i don't like 100% of the original guns material.

i can't speak for anyone else, but if the new guns stuff was blowing my mind musically, i would like it no matter who was in the band.

i imagine most folks feel the same.

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