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Bluesy Guitar Solo

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i thought you said it'd be fast :P . you dont hit anything more than an eighth note. your equipments tone is good, and that was kinda catchy.

you gotta work on your phrasing though, incorporate triplets, sextuplets, hammer ons and pulloffs, sixteenth notes, slides, harmonics and all that shit into your style, or all your shit is doomed to sound the same, and more importantly, you won't get better.

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i thought you said it'd be fast :P

Ive only been playing a few months, so it seems fast for me... but yeah I guess its slow as hell.

I also spent all of the time in the 1st and 2nd positions of the pentatonic scale, I dont know if thats bad or not. But yeah, I defanetly have a long way to go and a lot of work to do. Thanks for the advice. rock1

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The link doesn't work... but you don't have to worry about rushing in and forcing notes... the most important thing is putting emphasis on the right notes... speed isn't #1 in the blues (But if you mix the two perfectly it can be cool (Gary Moore)).

Mind reuploading? And... anyone wanna collab on like a blues based backing track or something?

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