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New priority support for supporters


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i remember someone asked a while back 'why cant supporters have their own forum to entice people to donate' and (i think admin) the responce was 'it would greating a riff between supporters and normal members, so no'...??

so... a good idea?

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It's like a VIP club :rofl-lol:

Anyways I don't mind it, don't think there's a rift, but maybe if it could be read only for non supporters if thats possible? Like how normal users can't post in the confirmed news section, but can still read. That way if a non supporter user has the same problem down the line they could just check the priority forum, instead of having to make a topic in regular support.. just an idea.. but only supporters could post in it.. if that makes sense?

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admin said they wouldn't want to make a seperate forum cause it would make a split in the forum, at least thats what i thinkn jdrm means

i agree with that but i think its only a support one so supporters get supper fast attention

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