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My first sig...


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In honour of the great man himself,


Yeah, I was up all night doing that :unsure: I'm gonna go get some sleep :confused2:

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anyways on topic,

damn cool mate,great work but im sure uve done other stuff on fotoshop b4 u made the sig,

my sig below was my very first sig too, first one i had done!! :book:

Nope- I downloaded photofiltre for the first time last night and just played about with it for a few hours seeing what it could do. I finally came up with (a few variations of it as well) that first sig. I've only learnt a few nifty tricks from reading some tutorials. There's still a lot more to learn and teach myself.

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For those of you that don't know, it's cesc fabregas.

well that saved a question on my behalf, how thoughtful of you ^_^

Nice effects, I like the first one best, the others are a bit too heavy :huh:

I put that extra note in especially for you :heart:

Yeah the first one is my favourite too.

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hey patience so you use photofiltre i use photofiltre and my sigs are nowere near as good as yours only because i dont have a program to cut images out correctly so please could you tell me what you use to cut the images out

I just pick pictures that look easy to cut out. The first picture I tried was with owen hargreaves and I failed miserably. His hair is too hard. So i went with dennis bergkamp. It takes a lot of patience and time to get it right. I keep having to undo and try again. You'll notice that the pictures are tended to be only faces and I try to limit the amout of how much cutting I show on the sig. Also use some of the tools to smooth off the edges, having a plain background helps too. Not much to it really.

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kwl thanks for the tips man and i think your sigs are really kwl

Well I think that's a slight exaggeration- i've only been doing it for a day :tongue2:

That's the best advice I can give you though- avoid hair. It's a lot easier just to cut out faces. You'll notice that the two people who have hair in sigs, i've prevented their hair from being in view because the cutting is really shoddy. Keep practicing mate! :)

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