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chinese democracy production


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ok,so forgive me if this has been done before but...I keep wonder in my head about the production

of chinese democracy,and not just the first disk,but all 3 of them.

imho, the material so far is very strong and can fulfil my expectations...but a sound of an album (production)

can make or break that creation...

I hope it won't be too 'clean' and I want it to have balls like appetite and even the illusions...

anyway...what do you think?

do we want a 'global' production to all 3 albums or varid production?

do you think axl is good enough as a producer?

and what do you think he should avoid as a producer? (vr production was less then great)

please,discuss... :)

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bob rock is a pussy...his work is hit or miss...I won't trust him with guns material

rick rubin is great but I don't like his latest work (rhcp:statium bullshit)

I want a mix between pink floyds the wall and queen for madagascar,the blues and twat

and for the harder stuff I want a more 'crunchy' sound but not as heavy as appetite for i.r.s,better,cd

yeah,make it hard and crisp...

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Who the hell knows who is getting what in terms of production credits.

I assume Axl would go by get some executive producer type room for himself, yes?

But what of the others? So many tracks have been redone and reworked.

Question. If you work as producer on the track and they re-record most if not all of it over, do you still get anything at all?

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