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Barrett solo vs pre DSOTM Floyd


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personally I prefer Barrett's solo era,because Floyd in that era sounded well kinda boring, The Madcap Laughs on the other hand is good album which makes it perfectly clear how fragile Syd's mental condition was at that time

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madcap pisses all over every pre dsotm album( maybey with the exception of meddle)

there is some gems in there but mostly it's a band fumbling in the dark. the post syd band didn't find their path untill somewhere around meddle

syds first solo album is for most parts a complete delight. I love the erratic unfinshed felling you get from it :heart:

Barret on the other hand I have big problem with. It feels like they just dug up some bad leftovers and polished them up a little . but still alot better than atomheartmother :P

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