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how do people on this forum get labled as supporter


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I was actually wondering myself where on the site I can find the option of donating. I want to make a small contribution (small as in reasonable for my age and budget).

Looks like I was 3 seconds too late to ask this question.

I'll do so in a couple weeks. I'll sign up for Paypal then. I don't want to do it unless I have my own address. No need to sign up for something if you're going to change your address in a couple weeks.

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they perform sexual favours and pays for it.

reverted prostitutes. :laugh:

Thats because we have the relevent sexuall qualifications to perform the tasks, pm admin when you get you pop your cherry and he may consider you application. :rofl-lol:

We donate to a cause we enjoy, nothing more.

Reporters just have lots of GnR biogrphies and spare time.

Supporters own reporters and they know it :P

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