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GN'R is the Top Seller


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See the TOP 10 list, they're on the top.

1. Guns N' Roses

2. Madonna

3. Muse

4. Will Young

5. Fimbles - Live

6. George Michael

7. Iron Maiden

8. Bryan Adams - Summer...

9. Thomas & Friends

10. Andrea Bocelli

I wonder what's up with Madonna and her new album. I think Muse is playing new stuff too. George Michael probably isn't, but nobody seems to care. What's up with Iron Maiden? Playing smaller gigs? Same deal for Bryan Adams an Andrea Bocelli? Isn't cool to see GNR on top? :)

I would like to see some numbers of the whole tour. Probably when they hire a real management company, after writing that the tour is going well, they will publish some good numbers like the one i just pointed out.

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