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Is that first shirt official? I've never seen it before anywhere ever, and you got it for cheap too

One day you're gonna reach a point in your life and you'll just be like 'what the fuck am i gonna do with all this stuff?' :P

It's a promo shirt, the more common one. Here is another version of it:


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cool new shit..

I remember is was a while ago, that you showed us a new shirt you had gotten...

and, I knew I had seen is somewhere else, and then shortly after I saw where that shirt was from..

but, never posted..

That one white GnR shirt you had..Garth wore it throughout a majority of Waynes World 2...

nothing important, just thought I'd point that out.. :)

I noticed that too :lol:

Cool stuff AF...i'm addicted to ebay :tongue2:

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Saw a guy with a t-shirt from the Metallica/GNR tour and on the front it showed the four faced pic from inside the black album cover and next to it was the illusion cover (half colcoured like UYI 1, and the other half like UYI 2).

How I wish I had that :(




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