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Thom Yorke - the eraser


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Who has listened to it ? I just downloaded it... this is such a wierd album... but thats what makes it awsome :) Its all loops but its quite creative and thom is a genius.

Edit: in saying that, radiohead stuff is still better

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not one response? its to be expected on a guns n roses forum

weird and obscure beats, cut up beats and moody piano sounds, a banjo! on the clock, mario brothers sounds on cymbal rush, a catchy almost hit single potential song with harrow down hill, analyse and atoms for peace are up to a radiohead standard, its very bjork in theme, its an album that wont get boring because its so layered, like Kid A you may not listen to it over time but you always go back because of its abstract energy! like most great musicians its rare to have that ability but Thom can do it,

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