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Hi guys sorry if this isn't the appropriate place to post this, im still a little hungover from the show last night!!!

Just wondered what other people thought of the show in Newcastle.

Ok lets get the bad parts of the night out of the way first. Sebastian Bach was class, perfect performer to have performing on the same night as GNR. Then came Bullet For My Valentine; nothing special in my opinion a good few rifts in their songs but I wouldn't have paid to see them perform by themselves.

After Bullet For My Valentine left the stage at about 9:10 pm, the crowd was already packed into the arena on one of the hottest days in recent memory and growing in excitement and anticipation for the main event. So why is it a packed arena had to wait over an hour for the lights to go out and GNR hit the stage? It wudnt hav been a problem had it not been so damn hot and people were starting to worry as to whether they were going to show up.

So there's bad point number one out of the way, bad point number two came towards the end of the gig when with the band in full swing during "Nightrain" something was thrown on the stage which caused Axl to call the band off stage. He announced that they would only come back out if people stopped throwing things, and when the band came back on stage after a few moments Axl made a bee-line for the front of the stage and stared straight into the area where he thought the object had been thrown from. The band started "Nightrain" again and completed the song but Axl never forgot the incident and declared the show was over there and then, without playing Paradise City much to peoples disappointment. It was a crying shame, because everyone wanted to hear a proper finally to what had been an awesome performance.

As soon as the first chord was hit of "Welcome To The Jungle" to start their performance the band had the crowd under their spell, with awesome renditions of "Live And Let Die", "Sweet Child O' Mine", "November Rain" and "My Michelle" performed with Sebastian Bach. The gig was amazing, the band played like they had been together for years and Richard's solo was awesome. A much more mellow "Knockin' On Heaven's Door" also got a great reception, as did Bumblefoot's solo and instrumental performance of "Don't Cry".

All in all the gig was truly amazing, just a shame Axl ended it that little bit early. rock2

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