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Forget, the gutiar..we all know the greatest solos and riffs but what about basslines and bass riffs? what are the most stonking rocking, off all time.

My top 5

1.Led Zeppelin-Achallis Last Stand

2.Aerosmith-Back In The Saddle

3.Guns n' Roses - Rocket Queen

4.The Jam- Precious

5.The Clash -The Guns Of brixton

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Off the top of my head, one of my favourites is the bass riff at the start of King Nothing by Metallica






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Rudie- UB40

One in Ten- UB40

Rat in Me Kitchen- UB40

Sparkle of My Eyes- UB40

Hell, anything by UB40. Earl Falconer is a more than unbelievable bassist. The finest bassist adult contemporary, DUB reggae, pop reggae, and dancehall music has ever seen.

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I'm not sure about greatest of all time, but there's a ton of cool bass in Jane's Addictions stuff. 'Mountain Song', 'Ted...Just Admit It', 'I Would For You', 'Three Days' - I could go on. Their entire first album revolved around Avery's bass lines. Let's not forget Ozzy era Sabbath either. - :)

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Guest knerken

Peace Sells..- Megadeth

No More Tears - Ozzy

Pretty Tied Up - Guns N' Roses (Not really a riff, but yeah..)

Toys And Flavours - The Hellacopters

You Could be Mine - Guns N' Roses

Those are the coolest I can think of...

F**k_your_enemy, that link was great! :D

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