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You Could Be Mine

Son Of A Gun

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I just had a listen to YCBM from Newcastle July 19th, and it doesnt seem to have the explosions after that uprising drum sequence. I really hope they dropped it because it ruins the whole front bit. On a note You Could Be Mine is kicking ass again with the new Gn'R. They finally picked up the pace and are playing this song pure hardcore again. Can't have a good Gn'R concert if you could be mine ain't good...that 1 minute intro showcases everything...the sound of guitars, the drums. Anyways I really hope this is a permanent thing to drop the explosives and not temporary if it has been dropped

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I dont like the exposion at the beginning of wttj instead of axl doing his "cha"...that is my fav part..

I don't mind any of the explosives, but i do miss the other vocals at the beginning of WTTJ and i really miss decent drumming to the start of YCBM, i think it's choice rather than talent in the latter case.

Either way it doesn't ruin my life, it barely blips on my radar, i'm seriously chuffed with how guns are right now and how they sound!


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One question about YCBM. What was going on in Donnington (6-11-06) when they performed You Could Be Mine..? Axl walked off the stage! :drevil:

thanks for the link

gow much of download has surfaced so far?

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Guest cherry_bomb

they look cool and add to the atmosphere, but they scare the fuck out of me even though i know theyre coming

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People should remember the pyros are there to add to the effect of the live show for the people at the gig not for the people on the internet listening to bootlegs.

They serve their purpose very well!


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Mikko Posted Jul 28 2006, 08:37 AM

QUOTE(ssiscool @ Jul 28 2006, 04:27 AM)

QUOTE(Mikko @ Jul 28 2006, 10:16 AM)

QUOTE(Nefertiti @ Jul 23 2006, 05:00 PM)

QUOTE(Mikko @ Jul 22 2006, 02:56 PM)




awsome preformance.

This one is much cooler... IZZY ROCKS!!!!


I also like this one:



Of course Axl vs. Security


I like that last one. That 'll last as a memory. Shows us that Axl is there for us and will do the right thing and halt it immediately if he catches crooked security guards beating up fans just for the sake of it.

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