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Rhythm Help!

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I need some help with my playing. Basically, my rhythm a bit off. It's not terrible, but sometimes, particularly if I'm playing the song without listening to it at the same time, I tend to play uneven length bars, some too long and some to short. Also, I tend to lengthen certain induvidual notes, or play others too quickly, and have difficulty sustaining the correct tempo of a song over a long period, say 5 mins, and judging the correct rhythm for a song by listening to it. Since I've realised this, I now always practice with a metronome, and listen to songs a lot more, without playing, to try and get a better feel for the rhythm. Any advice on what to practice, or how to improve this (essential) aspect of my playing. Thanks.

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This word will sum up everyones practise with musical instruments


Fuck the metronome off. Just play along with songs you're having trouble with. Try to listen to the song and where it's going. Black Dog for example is a wierd timing but if you listen 2 the song and know what is coming next and keep playing along with it you'll get it in no time

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Practising rhythm is VERY underrated. Without the ability to lock into a consistent beat - your playing will be rubbish no matter what you do.

Get a metronome (or visit the site quadlaser suggested) and just start cranking out Knockin' On Heaven's Door or something simple. Rhythm is just another essential skill and should be worked on just as you'd work on any other facet of your playing.

Even Zakk Wylde practises to a metronome.

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