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I Think This is How it will be

Vincent Vega

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Many people hear speak of a G'N'R reunion, and debate about the probability of it and whatnot. I think this quote from Slash in a magazine back in November 1995 is pretty much accurate on the circumstances for a reunion

Interviewer: Doing your own thing - as have Izzy and Duff, who have also done their own albums - has obviously been very beneficial for you in lots of ways. Do you think it might be good for Axl if he did something like that?

Slash: "I wanted him to. You have to know Axl to understand what I'm getting at. Axl's the kind of guy who over-thinks everything. Sometimes it's fucking classic, and sometimes it's just...whatever. And that's cool. But there was a point there where Axl goes: "I'm gonna do a solo record, and I'm gonna get Trent Reznor and Dave Navarro, and the drummer from Nirvana..." and so on. And it's like, he doesn't even know half of these people. He's just pulling them out of the sky. And I was like, "Cool! Do your thing. That way you'll get it out of your system, and when you get back we'll just be Guns N' Roses."

Axl's idealistic side project sounds a lot like his vision for G'N'R. Maybe that is what it will take...Once Chinese Democracy is over and done with, he'll ''get it out of his system'' as Slash said, and come back to the old G'N'R and just go on with that.

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i thought axl hates nirvana... didn't dave grohl joke about axl on stage in some MTV music award sh*t?!

anyway, nothing will happen. after this tour, everything's gonna go back to where we were in 2005. no album, nothing... you know it's true. bury your hope.

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Well, his thoughts may be different than they were 11 years ago, for starters. There was a recent post here about it, some slightly positive news...maybe.

I say just enjoy what is happening, as things are happening, and don't dream about what you'd like to see happen. Appreciation for the current line up is warranted. They have done a great job, Axl is working again, that's the great news of the year, be happy.

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Axl was a huge fan of Niravana's music, but he was pissed when they turned down an invitation to open for GNR. Axl Rose was the biggest rock star at the time, so Cobain posed himself as the "anti-Axl." The two had their differences, but I think that they both respected each other musically. And I've seen Dave Grohl comment in interviews that GNR was an influence on him. Would have been cool to see what they could have come up with together.

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Im 44 yo. Been playing guitar for 38 years. Keyboards for 20. I started by playing Chuck Berry, then rolled to Aerosmith and Zepplin. Throughout the 70s and 80s all I played / wrote was metal rock. The thought of anything else ment instant vomit...until, I really listened to Rush and Zeps keyboard work. Always liked Edgar Winter's 'Frankenstien', so before I knew it I flipped over. Instead of writing everything with guitars first I started with synths first. When crystal method came out, I freaked. All I did was play synths for most of the 90s. Then I said, WTF? Im a guitar player! Metal, Techno, Metal with a ton of Jazz and classical thrown in there but then I came to my senses. Now I cant get enough of old school rock and I will die with a guitar in my hands.

Almost all musicians taste and styles change over the years. Its fun. I think Axl will go back to what he loves and is best at pretty soon if not all ready. The master rock singer. Heck, he's doing it all ready! :) I think a reunion has a high probability, as long as they are all wise and strong enough to block all the bad memoires and fights. If not, they wont be able to write. Its kind of like going back out with your ex-wife or something, and personally, I would rather burn in hell. Maybe they could use doctor Ruth as a baby sitter or something - lol

Now that they are all grown up and mostly dope free, they just may be able to pull it off. The only band I ever see do it sucessfully was Aerosmith. With Alder they could easily do another AOD. Axl doesnt owe the new dudes anything. They've been paid well, got great experience and fame.

I give it a 50/50 chance. May the force be with them.

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It seems like Axl has been through a lot of different stages and musicians but certain songs still sound a lot like GNR and in the end he really stuck with the template of GNR but blended in new sounds. It's not like he just did an industrila record. Maybe he did but has only let us hear the GNR type songs. To me it's like progression Garden of Eden, Locomotive - things like Oh My God and then The Blues are like the ballads or Yesterdays. TWAT is like November Rain. Madagascar cood be a new Estranged but darker. Oh My God is like WTTJ but speeded up. I think think that song really needs to be slowed down and opened out. Chinese D to me is like an It's So Easy song but this time It's So Difficult - it's more about disenchan.tment, disillusion but still has a cood care less attitude. IRS and Better are the two songs which for me completely validate the new band they can step up and replace Brownstone and It's so Easy in a set list or on an album. I used to do this with the Illusions make an Appetite with the new songs.

1. Oh My God

2. Chinese Democracy

3. Better

4. IRS

5. Silkworms

6. The Blues

7. Madgascar

8. Prostitute

9. Ryiad and the Bedouins

10. Seven

11. Catcher in the Rye

12. There Was A Time

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