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nice leather jacket

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Care to find out the reserve price for me anyone?

I'll try n' talk my Dad into lettin' me get this...

I asked him, but I bet it'll go for quite a bit

The seller isn't going to tell you! :laugh:

i've had sellers tell me the reserve before, a lot of people will

edit: never seen this shirt before - not official I assume, but cool none-the-less

sorry, i'm on an ebay-binge

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email back from him:

Hello, the reserve price is 249.00

:o ah...

well, its a leather jacket..

and, there was a limited quantity made..

and, its vintage, and has the name "Guns N' Roses" attached to it..

so, that seems reasonable..but, too much for me right now..

Basiclly my thoughts...except that it's probably too small for me also.

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