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Going to 29th gig?


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Am going, am in seated (long wait etc) but don't know what time we'll be starting queueing

It'll be the weekend before our wedding anniversary - as the kids are going to my sister's house DH suggested that we had a weekend in London and 'a show' - he was a bit surprised when I told him what tix I'd booked :lol:. So I guess the time we pitch up depends on when I get out of the shower ;)

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I'll be there :shades:

I much prefer standing but the missus is coming along, so we're in seated....Not sure what time we're going to arrive, but I don't want to miss Sebastian Bach. Last time I saw him, he was in Skid Row when they supported GnR at Wembly Stadium in August 91......those were the days rock1

Having read the recent reviews and seen some videos online, I really can't fucking wait until Saturday rock3

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