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Newcastle consert a disaster?


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This article says that this gig was a disaster. People were booing and throwing things at the band. At the end the band just have to leave the stage cause they couldnt continue the show. Is this true?

Not to good for GNR!

I was at the newcastle gig and the crowd were pissed off at first at having to wait an hour and a half in the unbearable heat with no explanation, but once welcome to the jungle started everyone went wild. I had a fantastic time and from what I could see so did everyone else. Then during nighttrain some tosser decided to throw something at the stage and axl left the stage, he then said 'these guys didn't come here to get shit thrown at them, I thought we were having a good time', to which the crowd cheered and they then restarted night train, which was sadly the last song as the tossers threw something else so that was the end of the show!!1 :( All in all though it was still a great gig and gnr rocked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! rock3

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Axl starts off behind the 8 ball with every crowd by making them wait.


He needs to fucking wake up on that front.

Agreed! He seems to enjoy getting the fans agitated.

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You guys can blame the big meanine press all you like.

But it is a proven fact that :

- Axl makes the fans wait well over an hour until they come out

- he comes on later then almost any other major band

- fans in the building start to get a bit riled up before the show even starts

Now you can dig up his quote from 1992 about how "things work out better for me at night" if you wish. You can also tell me how if that's how he wants to do things, its his perrogative.

I am simply telling you to not be so shocked when it gets the response it gets more often than not.

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newcastle was definatly fantastic yes we had to wait but once it started the crowd was fantastic,l also got tickets for manchester as l thought they were so good and took my partner who had reservations as he had seen the original lineup,all in all l thought newcastle was the better gig the atmosphere was electric there even with the problems :)

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Dear god :sleeper:

NRK is the worst crap news sorce in the world, it is owned by the goverment for fuck sake... what do they know....


now go back to your rooms and jerk off :sleeper::sleeper:

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