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Msn problem


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ok...well i had windows live and it was being crappy, and i would send a message and then a few minutes later it would tell me it didnt go through....so i uninstalled it and put good ol 7.5 on again, now 7.5 wont let me send or recieve messages....but it doesnt tell me that nothing is coming through..so im just sitting there talking to people and nothing goes through to them, and nothing comes back. it is so freakin stupid! and im on meebo (internet msn) right now.

any ideas???? :(

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Give up? I haven't been able to sing into msn messenger for over a month I think it's been. So i've resided myself to the fact that it's shite and rarely try anymore.

Mines done that before too, and other peoples, it seemed to come and go. Like next time I signed in it would be fine then another time it would fuck up again. I re-installed it at one point but it didn't make any difference.

So it could just go away after a while.

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