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Looking for video (dvd) of NEC gig...

Liquid Drum

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Hey all,

First post here :)

I'm looking for a dvd of this great night. I downloaded YCBM from newgnr.com and its brilliant quality. At the end it says 'brought to you by GNROSAS' or something like that.

I've heard this name alot, lol so I'm wondering if he taped the whole show?? or even a couple of songs as I would love to re-live some of it in video.

I recorded the audio myself (full gig) and that will be mastered shortly. If anyone has the video or the taper pops up, I'm wondering if a sync could be on the cards??

I can send the finished audio to sync up to the video to make an awesome boot (even if its incomplete).



Contact: liquiddrumtheater_26@hotmail.com

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If it is the guy i was sat behind which i think it is he recorded most if not all of the gig.

So hopefully he will share it with us top qualiy


I was at Birmingham and have been looking for a copy of the audio. It would be great if I could grab a copy.

My wife has had me looking since we got back.


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