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So, i'm sure someone has already posted a "your favorite lyrics" subject before.. but, what about what gets you through a rough time? What words help you the most when you're pissed at the world? Or you've been done wrong by someone or whatever.. what keeps your head above the shit when you're sinking? Now, dont post teh whole song, just the part of the song that hits the closest to you.. mine is

"How dare you single out my honesty, compare me to your traveisty (SP?), I only want to see you fight, the darkness you wanna live your life by... AND IF YOU'RE GONNA QUIT.. I DONT GIVE A SHIT.. WHAT THA FUCK I'M A MACKTRUCK ARE YA GONNA GIVE UP LIKE A BITCH, OR JUMP DA FUCK UP" and later in the song "I'm a self-destructive peice of shit, smear me in, I DONT OWE YOU A GODDAMN THING, THIS LIFE HAS NEVER HAD THE SWING, I DONT WANNA BE IMMORTAL OR LEGEND OF ANYTHING.." "I DON'T WANT ANYTHING FROM YOU, CUZ I'VE GOT NOTHIN LEFT TO PROVE"

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The pre-chorus in Out Ta Get Me and the chorus in You Got Another Thing Comming sum it up for me.

You Got Another Thing Comming

If you think Ill sit around as the world goes by

Youre thinkin like a fool cause its a case of do or die

Out there is a fortune waitin to be had

You think Ill let it go youre mad

Youve got another thing comin

Out Ta Get Me

They break down the doors

And they rape my rights but

They won't touch me

They scream and yell

And fight all night


I lose my head

I close my eyes

They won't touch me

'Cause I got somethin'

I been buildin' up inside

For so fuckin' long

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In The Shadow Of Our Pale Companion by Agalloch:

Through vast valleys I wonder

To the highest peaks

On pathways through a wild forgotten landscape

In search of God, in spite of man

'til the lost forsaken endless. . .

This is where I choose to tread

Fall. . .so shall we fall into the nihil?

The nothingness that we feel in the arms of the pale

In the shadow of the grim companion who walks with us

Here is the landscape

Here is the sun

Here in the balance of the earth

Where is the god?

Has he fallen and abandoned us?

As I'm stalked by the shadow of death's hand

The fire in my heart is forged across the land

Here at the edge of this world

Here I gaze at a pantheon of oak, a citadel of stone

If this grand panorama before me is what you call God. . .

Then God is not dead

I walked down to a river and sat in reflection of what had to be done

An offering of crimson flowed into the water below

A wound of spirit from which it floated and faded away

. . .like every hope I've ever had. . .

. . .like every dream I've ever known. . .

It washed away in a tide of longing, a longing for a better world

From my will, my throat, to the river, and into the sea. . .

. . .wash away. . .

. . .fade away. . .

Here is the landscape

Here is the sun

Here at the edge of the earth

Where is the god?

Has he fallen to ruin?

As I'm stalked by the shadow of death's hand

My heathen pride is scarred across the land

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Alice In Chains - Nutshell

We chase misprinted lies

We face the path of time

And yet I fight

And yet I fight

This battle all alone

No one to cry to

No place to call home

My gift of self is raped

My privacy is raked

And yet I find

And yet I find

Repeating in my head

If I cant be my own

Id feel better dead

I also like the lyrics to Bohemian Rhapsody and Time a lot, but everybody knows those

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