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Were cameras taken?


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I wouldn't risk it. I'd rather have no photos and a great concert experience (at least you have the memories and there will undoubtedly be pictures/audio/video on the Internet soon) than taking a camera in and possibly getting it confiscated (and possibly not getting it back again) or even worse, getting kicked out.

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I've seen people with digital cameras; if you take one you shouldn't put it in your bag or pockets. I didn't see the security guys confiscating any camera during the concert. I didn't bring mine because it's pretty big and they would have found it. Whatever you do, have fun!

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Were cameras being taken last night? Is it worth me taking mine tonight?

Its very small so i'm planning on putting it behind my bulky belt buckle so it can't be felt

Some folk had cameras but you can also buy disposables at the binocular desk for a tenner

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