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The following is a review which appears in the musicmail section of the Sunday Mail magazine. The review has been done by some bloke called Raymond Francis...

Scotland has waited many years for GNR to play here again...and fans were kept waiting more than two hours for Axl Rose and co to appear.

The lights finally went down at 10pm and the crowd went wild to the first chords of Welcome To The Jungle. The band's new members handled classic songs well in the two-and-a-half hour set, plus three new songs from forthcoming album Chinese Democracy.

Sadly, all tracks suffered from the SECC's notoriously poor sound quality. The performance was also hampered by unnecessary jams and guitar solos breaking up the momentum.

GNR founder Izzy Stradlin got a rapturous welcome as he joined the band for the last part of the show, which ended with a confetti-shower and Paradise City.

© Raymond Francis & Sunday Mail.

Er...hello??? Was this numpty even at the gig? Reading that, it appears not!!!

And unless I've had a severe memory lapse which has wiped out my 20 years of Gn'R following - they have NEVER played in Scotland before! So how we could have "waited many years for GNR to play here again" is beyond me!

Yet another load of drivel from the Daily Record and Sunday Mail camp. Siiiiiiiiiigh.

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my memory must have been wiped out too!! i thought the sound was awesome.

the daily record/sunday mail is crap. this guy must have still been suckin at his mammas tit when gn'r hit the scene!

i wonder what show KERRAP! mag will review?

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