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One good and one not so good new picture...


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I hope this hasn't been posted before. Anyone know where it's from?

I like Axl's Pete Doherty impression... :P



As the lads would say in England, she's got great Baps! :P


The baps are quite impressive lol

I agree with that also :D

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Is Axl smiling :o He should smile a lot more it makes him look so much better.

..he's smilin' also durin' the whole gigs on this tour..

..compare it to the past...

That's true sixtus, he didn't seem to smile all that much during Guns N' Roses 2 year tour back in 91.

..i think there are big big reasons why not...

..and even buckethead is fuckin' amazin..it was for sure hard for uncle axl to see a guy he likes backstage..."i can't take it..there is too much pressure"...cause bucket has exactly the same fears inside..like uncle axl..not easy to handle if ya workin' with such ones close together..

..anyway...everyone should see the difference now...

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