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Binge's "Almost Getting Backstage, And Cherry Is A Bitch" Story

Roger Waters

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Well as some of you may know I took a sign saying "Take us BACH stage" to the event, when getting it through I got told that the sign had to have a thorough check in case "Axl Finds it Offensive" after arguing my case with the security and having to explain the "joke" several time that I was holding it up during Sebastian Bach and not GnR they agreed to let me have it.


Bach pointed at the Banner and laughed in a sort of "Oh God they were actually telling the truth" way (I told him when I met him in Birmingham that I'd be taking this sign). My mate had a version of the sign too which Bach held up on stage!!

After Bach finished about 4 security guards came up and took my sign saying it was offensive and "Axl won't appreciate it" yeah okay. Sure. Anyway during Bullet For My Valentine we went to get a drink, and we saw Sebastian's drummer in the venue lobby, he remembered us from Birmingham, people thought he was security, but we knew who he was and he said to meet him after the show at the stage and see if we can get backstage.

During Paradise City Sebastian was sitting at the side of the stage and saw me and pointed at me and said "OH MY GOD, BIRMINGHAM!! DUDE!! FUCK YEAH" and kept waving and looked embarassed and I thought I was getting backstage, cos some dude came over and pointed at my shirt (Sebastian one) but then just posed. But it's cool Sebastian remembered me!

We met Sebastian's drummer after the show, and he said he'll just go ask to see if we can get backstage, and then the stewards told us all to clear out the venue because "they have to take down the stage ready for tomorrow" Uh...

We saw Bach's roadies (who also rememebred us from Birmingham) and he told us to try and find him tomorrow and he'll see what he can do.

Guns did an acoustic gig at 3AM in some small club, CHERRY WENT TO IT THE BITCH!!! I really wish I could have gone, I was told where it was (allegedly not sure if it was the same place) but I would have needed a VIP pass anyway.

Yeah the show was good, Axl came on at 10:40 though. Good thing I got the hotel.

So all in all, if I see Bach's roadie, or drummer tonight hopefully something will happen.

By the way, for those interested Cherry got into the Acoustic gig, I hate her. She told me she was going home dammit :P

Though I really wish I could have gone, I feel happy for Cherry she went, it's a shame really cos Sebastian's drummer said he could have taken one of us (me and my mate) with him to the show, if only the fuckin' Stewards didnt take us out :anger:

Oh yeah, after the show we saw a TON of midgets with VIP passes, I asked security what that was all about, and they said that during Paradise City GnR were meant to have midgets and go-go dancers come on stage with them and sing along, but at the last minute pulled the plug on the idea.

During Rocket Queen, you did see staff bringing on extra platforms, and then suddenly take them away, so this would make sense.

Really I should have asked the midgets if I could have their passes, because they went straight home.

And yes, I did get my sign back!!!

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That's a bummer you didn't go to the acoustic show with Baz's drummer, but hey, there's always hope you'll get backstage tonight.

And dancing midgets in Paradise City??? That's getting into Spinal Tap territory... :confused:

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Guest cherry_bomb

DUDES ive just got back from london, got into my hotel about 9am. jesus...the insanity. i have so many photos and stories to share so bare with me

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