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Looking for a cozy little internet corner to keep all to myself


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So I've been thinking of getting my own web page - nothing big, just one of those things where you get to write different "articles" inspired by some arbitrary thought that happened to have passed through your mind at some point in time. I get a lot of those random musings and I'm rather fond of jotting them down, so I thought that maybe I might want to make a few of them public and, you know, share or express myself or do whatever it is I'm trying to do... :unsure: (And that way I could put them on my page and not have to make pseudo-philosophical threads all the time :P )

So anyone know how I should go about getting a comfy little internet spot for myself? I'm not paying for anything, so I take it I'll have to ask someplace where they just plaster your page with adverts <_<

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You could sign up to Wordpress, pimp it out however you like, then simply buy a domain name (costs literally pennies if you go to the right site) and have it redirect.

For example: http://www.katiemarie.net/

Edit: Although looking at that, I think you'll need to pay a bit on wordpress too if you want the best service. It used to be totally free. Tsk.

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Many ISPs give ad free webspace with your package. It's worth seeing if you have any with them before going elsewhere.


My ISP does this too, however like most other ISPs they do not provide webspace that does not support PHP or have a MySQL database (in other words you can only upload files and simple web pages not blogs).

Personally I'd sign up at http://wordpress.com and get a free blog there. It's customizable(ish) and it's not exactly corporate like livejournal or whatever it's called :)

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