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Merck comes out to speak to the fans last night!


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For those that never new, Merck came out after Paradise City and explained why Axl left. He said that they WILL come back to Europe next year.

Personally I thought it was the most Rockin' Roll performance of Nightrain. I loved the fact (even though not for the positive) that Bach came out. He ended it really well.

Although I went VIP on the 30th there was no contact with the band what-so-ever. That was a little dissapointing.

Axl barely spoke at these shows, read names out on the 29th, but that was about it.

Chris Pittman + long leather skirt = Hilarious.

I managed to bootleg both concerts on audio. The first 4 songs didn't record on the 29th, but apart from that it's full and good quality. Still needing someone to transfer it to CD for me, any takers?

I was completely drunk at both shows.

Beta on the side of the stage.

It was quite funny because I left my hotel on the 30th went to the arena at 9 in the morning and there was already someone quing. :lol: If anyone seen me I was wondering about the arena wearing my GNR flag and weaking shades.

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