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Wembley, 29 July 2006

Kissable Kate

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Having attended my first ever (and not just GN'R) concert, I am in awe!

Having wandered into the mosh pit not really having a clue what I was doing, and then after waiting 3 hours for the man himself to come on (not that I'm complaining, the anticipation was amazing!), I was stood 6 feet from Axl Fucking Rose when he came to the right hand side (if you're looking at it) of the stage where he proceeded to lean over as he sang IRS and Paradise City in the encore! I was looking into the eyes of the man himself and believe me when I say there is nothing better for a GN'R fan like myself, if you have no hope of ever being lucky enough to do anything else if you know what I mean!

The gig was amazing and Axl really excelled himself.. From what I understand from people I know who have attended his concerts before, with the new band, July 29 was the best ever performance! And I've never seen anything like it!

Bumblefoot's solo of Don't Cry was phenomenal and Fortus and Finck having a "battle of the solos" at one point was unbelieveable.. Even the drummer who was a stand-in for Brain was fantastic!


And Richard Fortus smiled at me when I stuck my tongue out at him whilst rocking out to Paradise City!


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We got seated tickets, knowing how long we had to stand and wait at the Newcatle gig but I have to say that I standing down near the stage is much better! We had a good view of the stage from where we were sat but it's just not the same as being stood where you were, you are a lucky girl!!!

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It was fucking awesome man! As I said, it was my first concert and although I got a little pissed at the drunk people behind me and one in front of me who I ended up pushing out of the way before I knocked him on his ass, I was so close to Axl and even got close to Finck and Fortus that it's just indescribable!

Did you enjoy the shows?

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wrong date sir

I was just about to say the same.. but kissable kate don't sound like a sir to me :laugh:

I know it's the wrong date but I didn't move it here :( Any ideas on how to move it to the right date?

And no I'm definitely not a sir lol.. check out my pic FGS lol!

K x

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