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Bon jovi


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I haven't been a big fan of Bon Jovi in years, but they are a pretty good band. The first time I saw them was in 1986 opening for Ratt, I had 2nd row. rock3 They put on a great show and the only song they had out was "Runaway".

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Well I would say I like them, but as each passing album comes out I find myself liking them less and less.

I totally agree. I saw them a few weeks ago at the Meadowlands and after seeing Axl at the Hammerstein in May I can tell you that there was no comparison. Bon Jovi comes out and sings his songs but where is the energy? Where is the personality? Also, it bothers me that he feels the need to put Axl down for getting more attention than his band. Well..there is a reason for that Bon Jovi...Axl rocks!

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ME!!! I LOVE BON JOVI!! Ive seen them live at milton keynes and i have to say that it just blew me away! I love their recent stuff as much as the older stuff, if not more. I would really recommend going to a concert of theirs!!!

I went to their first night at Milton Keynes and I agree mate, they were excellent. I also agree their new album is up their with some of their best work ever. I took some photos of the concert (fairly poor ones), but here are a few:




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I have to admit they write damn fine pop songs...and I actually like some of them.

I was asked by a good friend to accompany her to a Bon Jovi concert back In January.

I went (to be nice)...and I thought it would be an entertaining night out (I mean...they're seasoned professionals and all).

It was THE MOST boring dogturd of a concert I have ever seen in my life.

My friend agreed...it was the first time in my life I EVER left a concert early before the encores.

A complete waste of my time...never again.

(but I still respect their musicianship)

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