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Wembley Arena 29th - Full Review!!


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Guns N’ Roses at the Wembley Arena, London on the 29th July 2006. I arrived at the Arena at 6:00 by then there was a fair few people both inside and outside the Arena and about 200 standing in front of the stage and a few more hundred in the seated area. Many people were buying Guns N’ Roses merchandise at the shop. The atmosphere was very calm at this time.

Sebastian Bach came on stage at around 7:00 – 7:30 and played a long setlist consisting of about 12 songs, lasting for an hour. His up-beat music was enough to get the crowd going although it got a little tedious towards the end. Bullet For My Valentine played a very short set for a short amount of time. Then came the wait for Guns N’ Roses. We waited for a fairly long time, the crowd did start to boo at times and people were starting to leave as it was getting very late. It wasn’t until 10:45 when the echoed opening for ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ kicked in, the crowd went crazy the atmosphere was just amazing this was the moment I was most looking forward to. Guns N’ Roses soon rolled through ‘Welcome to the Jungle’, ‘Its So Easy’ and ‘Mr Brownstone’ immaculately and they sounded superb. Later into the set Robin Finck played ‘God Save The Queen’ during his guitar solo just before ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’. Here is the full setlist:

Welcome To The Jungle

Its So Easy

Mr Brownstone

Live And let Die

Robin Solo God Save The Queen

Sweet Child O Mine

Knockin On Heavens Door

Piano Moving Jam

Dizzy Solo

The Blues

Piano Movin Jam


Richard Solo

Richard Robin Beautiful

You Could Be Mine

Bumblefoot Solo Dont Cry

Out Ta Get Me

Sway (stones cover) W Izzy

Sailing With Izzy

Back in the Ussr W Izzy (Back in the Fuckin’ Uk)

Think About You W Izzy

My Michelle W Bach

Patience W Izzy

Piano Moving Jam

November Rain


Rocket Queen

Nighttrain W Izzy



Paradise City W Izzy

A few songs into the setlist Axl gave details into what would become a very special night for a select 20 people in the audience. He first stated ‘We’re actually doing two shows tonight’ and further proceeded to give details whereby a selected 20 people drawn from a lottery would be invited to a Club in central London to watch Guns N’ Roses play a acoustic gig. One lucky person selected right at the end won an all expenses paid trip to California to watch Guns N’ Roses play (another now confirmed gig), with accommodation at a 5 star hotel included. This yet again would get peoples hearts racing to whom would be picked at random. Unfortunately I was not picked. Axl also commented on the events at Stockholm when he was arrested. Guns N’ Roses then played some exclusive songs just for this gig stating ‘We’ve never played these songs live before’. They started with a Rolling stones cover of ‘Sway’ then playing ‘Sailing’ by Rod Stewart (this got the crowd singing along) finally playing an adaptation of ‘Back In The USSR’ by the Beatles but changing the lyrics to ‘Back In The Fuckin’ UK). Izzy Stradalin joined the band for 7 songs it was good to see him with the band, interacting with the other members and the reaction when he came on stage was awesome. Sebastian Bach joined for ‘My Michelle’, which was a great performance.

Overall I can safely say that this gig was the best ive ever been to. The pyrotechnics were superb, the songs were played perfectly, the band were in good spirits and looked as if they were really enjoying the show, Izzy Stradalin and Seb Bach were special guests, they played ample new songs and I was especially pleased when they played I.R.S. I would strongly advise anyone to watch this band who have now proved to the world of GNR fans that this new band can play and they certainly showed this as the Wembley gig – just Flawless. Various videos have been posted on my fansite.

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I was there and agree with everything you say. They were amazing and the man himself was awesome. I have seen them many times (original line up and this line up, which I prefer) and this gig was I think the best.

I wish they would release this show on DVD as it showed the band at its best. and it would be great to relive the night.

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