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Very, very urgent saxophone help needed!

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I'm not expecting anyone on here can help me, but it's worth a shot. My first day of marching band camp starts in 11 hours. So here's my dilema: I've got 3 saxes, a Yamaha YAS-23, a Yamaha YAS-62II, and a Yamaha YAS-82Z. And all of them are fucking me over. My YAS-62II and YAS-82Z are both having the same problem, the pitches are all over the place and many notes are just not sounding right. For example a G above the staff is sounding like an A# above the staff, and a Bb below the staff is coming out as a Bb above the staff (I can't figure that one out!). Also, everything from a 4th line on the staff D to a 5th line on the staff F# sounds hollow, it's not the full sound. Normally, I'd say these are just intonation issues due to the fact I haven't played since mid-June. But here's the kicker, none of my pitches are off on my YAS-23. The problem I'm having with my YAS-23 is that my pitches have a wah-effect happening. I know this is usually a tuning issue, but my tuner says I'm dead on with the pitch. So, playing the YAS-23 is downright out for band camp unless it miraculously gets better overnight. And again, obviously the YAS-62II and YAS-82Z are out (Not that I would play them in marching band anyways considering the beating instruments take in marching band). And of course there's no music repair shops open in the middle of the night. I guess I'm asking if anyone can think of a way I can get around getting totally fucked over. Does anyone know what might be causing these problems? I'll be very appreciative if someone can help :)

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Mouthpiece placement is more or less a matter of wether or not the instrument is in tune or not, not as much distorted pitches. I'm playing with a Meyers M5 mouthpiece and La Voz size 3 reeds, on all 3 horns. If any of your suggestions would be the cause it would be my ombechure (I think I spelled that right) and how I actually play, but that wouldn't explain why 2 of my horns are having a different problem than the third

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your ombisher is out

meaning your tightening up too much to hit the notes

first, try a few scales

then if that dosen't work, instead tune yourself down far enough so that when you rech up that high, your hitting the normal pitch, and make your mouth adjust to that tuning

if all else fails bring in a broken one, use a loner for the day and let another member/the director fix it, as those things are in the budget if it's minor

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