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75 Pics of AXL + another not so pretty chick with him


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Good God!

Now I see how Axl likes woman. He puts a paper bag over their face while he pleasures their "attractive" yet old body.

Oh my god!

I seriously had a twitch watching that girl.

Does he just pick them off the M.I.L.F.com site as he goes to the next pub?

I know the chicks must have some interesting personalities ........ but Wow!


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I still keep wondering what's up with AXL and these girls.Yes he is 44 years old, but yes I can say he is attractive...no I can say he is sooooooooooo hot and yet all the girls I've seen pictures of are kind of...at the exactly opposite side of attractive / OMG, I keep holding back of using the word "ugly" /.I don't think he would have a problem picking up something better,but...what's up AXL?

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Anyone know the approximate ages of the women he has been seen with? Are they closer to his age or younger?

And I agree none of them are prizes but it looks like he is just out to have a good time right now anyway without settling down seeing as we see him with a new one almost every week.

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