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What The HELL Kind Of Rule Was "EAT MY SILKWORMS" Breaking???


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I'm sick of making threads like this cos' I'm so close to getting banned, but it's really unfair.

I made a fan-site for Chris Pitman and followed all your rules, but it get's deleted. Why the hell do you have against Pitman!

I'm sick of this shit, first it was closed, then Admin said it was an accident. Now, it's deleted.

Please, oh please stop this nonsense. Ironic, cos' you say me being a fan of Pitman is 'nonsense' and a 'joke'. I just want my website that I took time to make gets reconized, but it's being unfairly treated.

If there's a rule against liking Chris Pitman, then it should be #17 in the FORUM RULES.

Dammit, someone answer this fairly, and I'll stop.

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You're ruining Pit(t)mania. Just like JDRM did with luiz :|

I'm not trying to, I'd like to give it a rest but deleted my thing was unfair.

No - what's unfair is you wasting my and other mods time with this incessant obsession with making childish threads about Chris Pittman.

Please understand that we don't have time to nursemaid you around the forum. If you want to act like a child, go somewhere else. I can't think of a single thread you've started that hasn't been completely ridiculous.

Enough is enough. Consider this a "friendly" warning.

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