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I'm thinking about a new band and direction

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I'm thinking about a new band direction

I wanna take Syd Barrett style rythm and slide guitar work, for melodies

mix in soundgarden/audioslave/chris cornell style lyrics

and frentic randy rhoads style guitar work on lead/solos

you see...

i wanna create a new kind of music, cause everything is all "boo hoo i'm depressed"

i wanna take a newer direction

what do you guys think, 70's inspired rock the just flows.....

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What's music when you haven't been through some kind of "boo hoo i'm depressed" moment? It's boring. Some of the best music was written through one of those moments. Death, lost love and things of the nature can best be written when they are experienced. Saying you don't want to make music like that is like living in a world where we're all alike; boring!

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