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Dope Live


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I went to the canopy club last night to see Dope. Not too sure if there are any fans here or not, but figured i'd share just in case. Got to meet the guys after the show. They were all cool, and signed my poster for me. Virus was sick, and Edsel said he felt like crap too. There wasn't very many people there. I got the audio from the show- all except the opener (i survive)- due to technical difficulties. Here's the rest of the show though in great quality. it's 1 track- i don't have the time to split it, but if someone else wants to do it, that's fine by me. Here's the setlist:

I Survive (not included due to tech diff )

No way out

Bring it on


Now Or Never


I'm Back

Medley ( Debonaire,Everything Sucks,Sick,Take your best shot)

You Spin Me Round

Die MF Die

Fuck Tha Police


here's the link:


enjoy! rock1

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