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Band pic


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does anyone know where this pic was taken?


It surfaced after Poland or Czech gig if I remember correctly

I thought it's from UK :unsure:

It was from Download Festival.

you're right

and that pic is very bad quality

if it was better you could see "download festival" written a hundred times behind them and there are a few other pics and brain is included in them

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imagine when we get some professional shots of the band together rock3 get ross haflin on the case

I don't think Merck's quite ready to get aggressive about publicizing the Slash-less GandR just yet. The only picture they've put out was of Axl all alone.

That's funny, considering you're one of the cupcakes who says that the band now is unknown to people in the US. Now, it's like you're worried that Guns will be pictured as a band that has no more Slashy to go with it.

Make up your fucking mind. Should we take pics of this version of the band so they get more exposure across the globe, or would that upset you because Slash isn't there?

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