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Best thrash band not named Metallica

mike bibby

Who is the best thrash band  

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I voted Anthrax. I loved that song Got The Time. What happened to all these bands which released metal tunes that you just had to love. Like Therapy's Screamager? All the bands seemed to go sort of arty and darker. That's cool too but you know theres a serious lack of tunes to just get you excited. It's all grinding and moody shit nowdays.

fuck i sound like a grandad, they dont make em like the used to. in the war we had mines in our back garden. my knee aches when its cloudy.

Top 5 tunes to destroy hotel rooms to

1. Bring The Noize PE featuring Anthrax

2. Screamager by Therapy

3. Wild N Wonderful by The Almighty

4. Aneurysm by Nirvana

5. From Out of Nowhere by Faith No More.

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a question though :drevil: ....is mustaine even the lead guitar for megadeth? i always thought mustaine was...second lead, and only played some of the solos...like..second to marty friedman? (when he was in the band)

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