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GNR/NIN co-headline US/NA tour?

Guest Matt13

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Guest Matt13

Just a brain storm here... I'm still trying to figure out the significance of the GNR images in pictures on the NIN website. It could very easily be Trent 'screwing around'... trying to piss off Robin, Axl... etc. But there are many connections between the two bands. Axl's fascination with NIN in the early 90's and his desire to evolve into that kind of sound to an extent... Robin's relationship with Trent and Axl and his back and forth between the two in the past... Josh Freese and his working relationship with Axl and Trent... etc.

On top of that... rumors are circulating about more touring for both bands in the fall (although NIN touring N. America again would be a reach after two go-arounds in the last year), and something tells me there is a deeper connection than the obvious reasons above for the two to collaborate. Could Trent have been or is working with GNR in a mixing capacity? Could they indeed be collaborating on a co-headlining tour?

Both bands have proved to have a hard time filling arenas in their most recent North American tours... would a NIN/GNR headline get those seats all filled up exposing them both back into the mainstream more?

Of course, no one is going to have a definitive answer outside of the two camps... but I'd like to know if anyone else has thought any of this in the past?

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there is one more connection.

Charles Manson.

did you know that one of NIN albums was recorded in a studio that was situated in the house where Manson did the killing?!

but back on topic.

NIN just finished their USA tour.

when NIN released "With Teeth" they did a short euro tour and they said that they'll be back and tour for real when they finish the USA tour.

USA tour just ended, so I guess they'll be back in europe.

I wouldnt like to see NIN and GNR at the same time.

I love these 2 bands way to much to be able to concentrate.

just imagine.

I wait 3-4 hours before the show starts.

I get in.

NIN gets on stage. They play 90 minutes. I'm exhausted.

3 hours later GNR get on stage.

their show lasts 2 hours.

at the end of the show, I'm exhausted, dehidrated, and I wish I was never born.

No thank you.

I'd rather see them tour separately.

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