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Not to start any rumors but......


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"hi ron sry 2 botha u but i heer ande walayce iz mxng cd (chynez demokrasee) rite now, is it tru?"


Most...Pwned...Member...This...Year.....=..... thomase :xmasssanta:

Afraid markyboy takes that honour, in fact he is most pwned member ever :rofl-lol:


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I suppose this is good news, but if it took this long to record, can anyone imagine how long it will take to mix?

juust because we found out the record is being mixed doesn't mean they just started today. they could have been mixing for a few months and we only found out now

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mid aug just started mixing=no release this year

if you had abit more knowlage you would know your statment was missleading.

The album has been mixed since before the tour. And has been mixing while they where on tour. I think it was foruts who said that when they where not playing on the tour the where listning to some mixes that got sent to them. So it didn't start this month.

The album will come out this year.

Or I shall leave this forum forever ;)

what will it say when your mixing?

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i guess when the cd comes out, if it was mixed by Andy Wallace, then dude was tellin the truth.

I don't need to check if it's true! I totally beleive him!!

Thank you, Bergs for the information!! :D

You're so nice!! :kiss:

And whenever you know something new, tell us!! I'm gonna beleive you!! ;)

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One step closer...

That just reminded me of that awful Linkin Park song. Now I'll have to listen to the whole AFD as part of my therapy.

i was going to say the same thing

well, from now on..we'll just have to back to waiting again

thankyou for the info mr bergs

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