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Bands You Play In

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I'm the singer in dr.chet!!!

We'll conquer the world!! Hahaha...

no full metal apocalypse will concquer the world and create an apocalypse!

Death Metal is so boring :sleeper:

Play music like Children Of Bodom and have a singer like ZP Theart or Jacob Samuel....

....If you could :laugh:

Do you guys play in D tune or C tune or something else :drevil:

just joined so i don't know what the rest plays in.

Haven't you played with them yet :huh:

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I just got hired as aguitarist for a death metal/punk/comedy band Full Metal Apocalypse rock3

Thats a FUCKING JOKE!!! U like shit music like Blink 182 and u join a death metal band?? Get the fuck outta here! If we needed a guitar player and the dude came and was a fan of the gay pop punk shit, hed get punched in the face!

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I play half lead guitar, half lead vox (got another guy who does the same) in a band called Moneyshot

We play rock n roll along the lines of aerosmith meets social D meets nazareth (actually opened for nazareth). We tour around Canada quite a bit. We're releasing our 5th album in October.




"sofia" is me on lead guitar, "dance of the hypnotized" is me on lead vox

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