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Happy songs that make you sad


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Maybe I'm just odd, but there are a couple of distinctively happy-sounding songs that make me feel really sad. It's kind of like when I'm really down, I have to play one of these songs and feast on the irony of the situation. Does anyone else do that?

Anyway, my favourite to do this with is probably "Happy Heart," this one really old song from the 50s. I love the chorus: "It's my happy heart you hear, singing loud and singing clear" - I have no idea why I started thinking it's an ironic and sad song in the first place (or perhaps it has to do with Shallow Grave...), but I swear that by some weird coincidence they've started always playing it over the radio whenever something really bad happens to me. It's almost as if someone's trying to make fun of me <_<:lol:

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